FreezaBird is a new kid on the block

We’re here to slash the cost of young driver insurance. For learners and qualified drivers aged 17-24 and their parents.

Our story

The intensity of a young driver’s excitement as they taste the freedom of the road is only matched by the knot forming in their parent's stomach as the umbilical cord is cut for the second time.

We are a family-owned business which has been through, and understands both ends of, this emotional rollercoaster. And because we're family, we are passionate about helping other families encourage their young charges to enjoy this freedom in a safe and affordable way.

It’s hard enough to scrape together enough readies to buy a set of wheels, let alone the eye-watering cost of insurance for young drivers.

The mission

Built with families in mind, we’re looking to slash the cost of insurance by combining technology, in the form of apps and telematics (blackbox to you and me), with cars already owned in the family

To be kept informed of our progress and to earn a little reward, please leave your details with us as we work hard to bring this smart solution to families like yours.

Meet Paul, our founder

It’s not often that an idea comes to you following a near death experience.

Earlier in 2017, a near miss involving a newly qualified driver mis-judging a sharp bend cast my mind back about 15 years to a terrible tragedy in which a friend, who was an inexperienced driver, suffered a fatal accident not involving another car. She was only 21 and had her whole life ahead of her. So sad.

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Frequently asked questions
What are you building?

A way to allow young drivers to drive family cars while they’re learning to drive and when they’ve passed their test.

1 in 5 young drivers has an accident within the first six months. FreezaBird aims to improve this to 1 in 20, i.e. to be 4 times safer than the average.

How is this different?

Good question as there are a number of telematics insurance products around for young drivers!

We’re building a unique, flexible and affordable solution to address an issue faced by families like yours. Most young drivers cannot afford a car, let alone the insurance premium, so how on earth are they to build valuable driving experience in a safe, controlled environment? This is where FreezaBird comes in.

What will this cost me?

We’re building with affordability in mind, aiming to lower the average young driver premium by 40-50%.

Why not just add a young driver to a parent’s policy?

Two reasons not to do this: cost and no claims discounts (NCD).

Young drivers don’t earn NCDs when added to a parent’s policy and the parent’s NCD is affected if the young driver has an accident.

In contrast, FreezaBird is significantly cheaper than the average young driver premium, allows the young driver to build their own NCD and protects the parent’s NCD in the event of a claim by the young driver. Result!

Will you monitor the driving performance of everyone using the car?

Whilst every journey is recorded, we only give scores and feedback when a young driver starts a journey on their app. If parents want to see every journey taken in their car, they can by secure online log-in. We take personal privacy very seriously.

Where does the name FreezaBird come from?

Haha! Free As A Bird, get it? You had to be there when we came up with the name…

Is FreezaBird authorised by the FCA?

Yes under Reference number 795109.